Coach, 4:13 FITNESS

Cynthia’s interest in health and fitness started in 2001 while learning to be a birth support doula. After her daughter, Kayla was born in 2002, she began to learn about natural health, yoga, and Pilates.

She is certified in Rock Steady Boxing, in addition to nutrition, body care, and herbalism from ACHS. In 2004, she completed an apprenticeship under a master herbalist. Cyn, as she likes to be refereed to, earned her massage license in 2007, after attending Texas Healing Arts Institute in Austin, TX. Immediately upon graduation, she began working as a massage therapist in a busy clinic where she learned about the structure and functions of the body. In 2011, she earned her personal training certification from ACC and began working as a trainer for YMCA.

In 2011, Cyn fell in love with Kickboxing and was quickly introduced to mixed martial arts (MMA) including Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and boxing for Parkinson's