What People Are Saying About Us

Larry D - 75 Years Young

I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and your staff's good work. I have made more progress in two weeks of boxing than I did the last several years at the YMCA. My goal is to be able to stand up straight in six months.

I have made a lot of progress using your exercises and it's fun. Oh I know it is called Work out not a Play out, but you and Cynthia and Kim have made the environment such that I look forward to coming to work out, that is a real accomplishment.

Being in an environment where the skill capability is about the same and we all are struggling with the horrible disease of Parkinson’s helps a lot. I am not self-conscious on how I look when working out. We are free to encourage each other in spite of our difficulties.

Thank you for a job well done.

Joe H - 82 Years Young

The Boxing Program has certainly improved my outlook on life. I feel as if it has improved my ability to do things I used to do. I want to thank Kristi for bringing the program to Austin; Kim for joining the group and Camille for exposing it in the news media. I look forward each week to exercising with a group of wonderful people, the camaraderie is great.

Tom W - 57 Years Young

Kristi is my secret weapon to keep moving. I call her "COACH". She keeps all of us in her classes moving, laughing, and enjoying life. Seriously had I not meet Kristi and her wonderful motivation, I'd still be on the couch finding movies on Netflix. I think the biggest complement was from my Movement Disorder Specialist who said I look the best I have been in over two years!

Thank You Kristi!

Dana R - 79 Years Young

Coach, it's like you given me the keys to unlock my body. For so long my mind has told me I couldn't do something and I keep proving it wrong. (Dana stated this after she tucked and rolled onto the mats, working on fall prevention).